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Так повезло нашей кафедре, что мы владеем дисковым массивом от 3ware. Ну а дальше просто привожу копию одного письма, которое полностью отражает состояние моей души. Остаеться только добавить, что мы живем в счастливое время, когда мышки и клавиатуры еще не управляються с помощью веб-интерфейсов.

How do I use the 3dm2 CLI without a web browser ?
Joe Schmoe non_secure at yahoo.com 
Sat Nov 26 05:26:20 GMT 2005


Let's play a game.  Let's imagine for just one second
that I am not a fucking asshole.  Let's imagine that I
do not want to manage my _disk drive arrays_ over a
fucking web interface like a fucking little child.

Let's pretend that I am a grown person, and not some
bright-blinkenlights sourceforge groupie, and that I
just want to run a command on the command line and get
information over STDIO.  Remember STDIO ?  No, of
course you don't - you're too busy loading KDE on your
powerbook because you're too cool to use OSX, but too
much of a fag not to run apple.

With me so far ?  Now let's say I have a 3ware array. 
I want to see whether it is working or not.  I am used
to using mlxcontrol.  If nothing is wrong IT RETURNS
FUCKING ZERO.  Yeah - that's right - no GUI, no aqua
colored desktop, and no fucking mascot.  It just
returns fucking zero.  Or aaccli (you know, the app
that won't quit on ctrl-D ? - yeah, that one) at least
I can run it over ssh.

So I install /usr/ports/sysutils/3dm ... and ... what
?  HTML files ? gif files ?  png files ?  Look
assholes, if I wanted a bunch of HTML and GIF and PNG
files on my server, I would wget a porn site.

So, now that I have mucked up my system with all of
your STUPID CRAP </cameron>, I run:


Nothing.  It does nothing, and now I have a 3dm2
process running in the background (presumably this is
the web server for the "I just lernd linux!@" crowd
and middle management)

There is no man page.  There is no HOWTO.  There is
nothing but a bunch of HTML pages and pictures.  Fuck
you 3ware, fuck you dead. </tim_may>

So.  My question.  Is there a way to run 3dm2 on the
command line, that doesn't start a daemon, that
doesn't require a web browser, and that will give me
information over STDIO and allow me to delete all the
garbage that that port installed ?

Thanks in advance!


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